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The early bird fees should be paid before 30 JUNE 2014(*). Each participant must pay individually his/her fee and the companying person, if any. Fees are:
  • Full registration for Societies Members(**)/Invited: 450€
  • Full registration for non Members: 550€
  • Student registration: 160€
  • Accompanying person (maximum two per full registration): 160€
  • Late registration surcharge: 80€
For private companies fees are:
  • Product stand: 450€
  • Poster presentation 450€
  • Logo in the sponsors section: 100€
  • Flyer in the documentation(***): 100€
Company fees have the following discounts:
  • Pack 1 stand+poster+web+flyer: 750€
  • Pack 2 web+flyer: 150€
  • Second person (with Pack 1 ): free
  • Sponsor of best student communication Prize (with Pack 1): 250€
The full registrations include:
  • Access to conferences
  • Documentation kit and welcome gift
  • Coffe-breaks and lunches
  • Receptions and social activities
  • Congress dinner
The Accompanying Person fee includes the same as the full one, except:
  • Access to conferences
  • Documentation kit and welcome gift
The Student fee includes the same as the full one, except:
  • Congress dinner (You can register and pay for it on arrival to the meeting)

(*) Registrations made after 30 JUNE 2014 will have a 80 euro surcharge. After 30 June, payment must be done (cash) at the begining of the meeting. Registration cancellations received up to and including 20 July 2014 will receive a full refund, less 150.00€ administration fee. Grant payments will not be refunded. Registration cancellations received after 20 July 2014 and up to 1 August 2014 will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given for registration cancellations received after 1 August 2014. As an alternative to cancellation, your registration may be transferred to another person up to 10 August 2014 without receiving any extra cost penalty. Transfers made after 10 August will incur an 50.00€ transfer fee.
(**) ICO delegates and members of the sponsor societies.
(***) The flyer must be provided by the company at least 10 days prior the start of the meeting.

Área de Óptica. Universidade de Vigo.